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FAU - The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark


Board of directors


FAUs Board consists of 6 officers and a number of alternates. The 3 members elected for a period of 2 years. The association strives to have representatives from all research institutions dealing with development matters. The Board shall elect at its first meeting a chairman, a vice chairman and a treasurer. At the association's annual meeting elected an internal auditor. FAUs current internal auditor is John Flemming Christiansen.


If you wish to contact a member, please write an email to fau.msc(a)cbs.dk. The Secretariat will then stand for re-consignment of your inquiry.


Board of directors

  • Spokesperson, Annette Skovsted Hansen (Department of Asia Studies, AU)
  • Spokesperson and treasurer, Søren Jeppesen (Department of Management Society and Communication, CBS)
  • Torsten Rødel Berg (Deparment of Agroecology, AU)
  • Martin Hvidt (Center for Middle Eastern Studies, SDU)
  • Mikkel Funder (DIIS and EADI, danish representative)
  • Vacant position



  • Aase Mygind Madsen (VIAUC)
  • Clemens Stubbe Østergaard (Department of Political Science, AU)
  • Jørgen Dige Pedersen (Department of Political Science, AU)
  • Iben Nathan (Global Udvikling, KU)
  • Irene Nørlund (Metropolitan University College)
  • Jens Lehrmann Rasmussen 
  • Mette Kjær (Department of Political Science, AU)




The aim of the association is to promote socio-economic and other development research

in Denmark, to develop and strengthen contacts between researchers and

development to support the dissemination of research results.





The membership is open to any person or institution who supports the Association of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU) objectives are to;


  • Promote social science and other research about the third the world.
  • Expand and strengthen relations among developing researchers in social sciences, natural sciences and humanities.
  • Support the dissemination of research results to a border public.



The association seeks primarily to strengthen development research in three ways:



FAU was founded in 1982 at the initiative of a group of researchers affiliated with universities as well as the former Center for Development Research (now part of the Danish Institute for International Studies, DIIS). The intention was to create a forum that could be used by researchers from various institutions and from different disciplines for joint discussions. At the same time the association contributes to a more coordinated approach with regard to the dissemination of development research. In 1985, the association's purpose changed to include development research within the humanities and natural science as well.






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