The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU) objectives are to;

  • Promote social science and other research about the third the world.
  • Expand and strengthen relations among developing researchers in social sciences, natural sciences and humanities.
  • Support the dissemination of research results to a border public.

The association seeks primarily to strengthen development research in three ways:


Firstly, FAU is looking to strengthen Danish development research through the stimulation of member activity. This is partly done through meetings and seminars on academic, research, policy or foreign aid political issues. FAU has since early 2012 initiated collaboration with the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) on arranging meetings and seminars. The first one took part 3rd May where the Ministry of Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach was invited to discuss the role of Development research as part of the new Danish Strategy. The second took place 19th November 2012 where the organisations along with the Danish Forum for Microfinance arranged the half day conference under the theme: "Can the private sector reduce poverty?  The role and impact of  â€˜Markets for the poor’ approaches and microfinance". A third initiative is the joint planning of a conference in 2014. .

A principal activity is the annual development seminar/conference that brings together people from all development environments in Denmark. There are usually prepared a comprehensive English-language report from here.

In 2011 FAU cooperated on a joint Nordic conference with our Nordic sister organizations (NFU & FSDR) and collaborators (DHF & NAI). The Conference took place at CBS, Copenhagen, 24th-25th November 2011. It is expected that this cooperation will continue as a biannual conference within the Nordic countries. The next joint conference will take place in Helsinki in November 2013. Further information here

In between the joint conferences, FAU will seek to arrange a Danish conference along the lines described above and to encourage Danish researchers to take part in the Norwegian conferences, arranged by NFU in November in various parts of Norway (for information, see the NFU webpage - insert link).

Second, FAU seeks to promote its views and opinions to the relevant council and bodies, where Danish aid policy and development research field is formed, and through contacts with relevant international research and research organizations.

Thirdly, FAU coordinates the representation of Danish Development Researchers in both Nordic and European bodies. FAU ensures a Danish representative to the Editorial Board of the Nordic Journal Forum for Development Studies. Annette Skovsted Hansen, Aarhus University, is presently the Danish representative in the FDS Editorial Board. Furrthermore, FAU coordinates the participation of the Danish institutional members of the European Association of Training and Development Institutes (EADI) in the EADI Executive Committee (EXCO). EADI is working in the same way as FAU is in Denmark to enhance European development research environments, by supporting research and produce publications, either in separate monographs or through the journal "European Journal of Development Studies. Finally EADI hold a major conference every third year as the association regularly organizes seminars and other activities (read more at the EADI web).