1. Purpose

The aim of the association is to promote socio-economic and other development research in Denmark, to develop and strengthen contacts between researchers and development to support the dissemination of research results.

2. Membership

The membership is open to any person or institution who supports the

purposes of the association.

3. Member fee

The Member fee is set by the Annual General Meeting every year based on a proposal by the FAU Board.

4. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the highest authority of the Association. All members of the association has access to the annual meeting as well as the right to vote,

The time of the AGM  is announced by the Board with at least 4 weeks of notice. Proposals, to be discussed at the AGM shall be sent to the Board no later than 2 weeks before the AGM.

At the regular AGM, which is to be held no later than December first

 - a chairman is elected
- the Board informs about its work during the past year
- the Board present the accounts for the past financial year for approval
- proposals received are considered
- the members fee is discussed and decided
- board members and alternates are elected (see § 6). Ballots for election of Board member shall order to be valid, shall be filled out with as many names as the number of directors to be elected. The order is not significant. In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn.
- a auditor and one deputy auditor are elected.

Resolutions at the AGM is taken by a simple majority vote.

5. Extraordinary Annual General Meeting

An extraordinary AGM can be held whenever the Board deems it necessary or upon written request from at least a quarter of the members of the association. 

An extraordinary AGM can be convened with 2 weeks' of notice and within 1 week of receipt.

6. The Board of the Association

The Board consists of 6 persons elected at the AGM among its members.

"Notwithstanding the provisions of § 4 Board of the Association may decide on the Board election is conducted by written ballot by all members."

The Board member is elected for a 2 years period. Half of the board are up for election each year. The AGM elects a number of substitutes for the Board. In case of any Board members resigning or withdrawing from their positions, a substitute will replace the person. The election of substitutes takes place in a sequence according to the number of votes received at the AGM, with the substitute having received the highest number of votes being the first to enter.

The Board constitutes itself and sets its own rules.

The Board is responsible for the association's finances.

Board decisions are taken by simple majority vote. In the event of an equal vote, the proposal shall lapse.

The Association is signed by 2 spokesmen/women in accordance with arrangements established by the Board itself.

7. Changes in Articles of the Association

Amendments to this constitution can only be taken after a decision at an AGM, which is convened with 4 weeks' of notice and at least two-thirds of those present votes in favor.

8. Resolution

A resolution of the Association can only occur after a decision by the Board and at a subsequent AGM, which is convened with 4 weeks' notice and where at least two-thirds of those present votes in favor.

In the event of dissolution of the association, the assets of the association will be used to promote the purpose.

9. Entry into Force

These Regulations shall enter into force with the association's constitution on 11 January 1982.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 6 elected at the Inaugural AGM of the total of 6 Board members, so that the 3 with the most votes is elected for a 2-year period, while the remainder are elected for a 1-year period. In addition, as the above-mentioned rules for the election.

As revised at the AGM 25.11.1994.