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Call for papers

5th Joint Nordic Development Research (Nor-Dev) conference on ‘Knowledge Production in North-South Collaboration: Challenges in an Era of New Global Divides’

27-28 June 2019 at the Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

Asymmetric local and global power relations are on the rise. These include deepening divides between North and South. Politically, academically, socially and on a range of other fronts, Northern governments have increasingly returned to a narrow minded, self-oriented development path. Despite official rhetoric such as the SDGs and the Paris Declaration, the spirit and practice of solidarity is more remote than for years. Restrictions on academic movement, prioritization of North-centred issues and lack of interest in addressing key social and environmental challenges in the South are some of the worrying trends. However, divides and imbalances are not only observable between countries and regions, but emerging within societies across the planet. Elite projects and exclusivist populism are a global phenomenon and affect the well-being of people everywhere.

The 5th Joint Nordic Conference on Development Research aspires to address these trends and challenges through a format including keynote presentations, panels and working groups, roundtables and poster presentations, and to enable dialogue and networking between participants from all parts of the world. We welcome especially contributions that analyse and challenge global divides in the thematic areas of knowledge production; institutions of global governance; distribution of resources and wealth but also of risks; migration and climate change policies; or the formulation and implementation of the SDGs, to name but a few.

The following kinds of submissions will be particularly welcomed:

  • i) Full papers
  • ii) Draft papers – not 100% developed
  • Iii) Paper ideas – to be developed (where the main emphasis is the presentation of this at the conference)

Format and Contributions

The conference invites abstracts of proposed papers.

The abstracts can refer to a) one of the panels/workshops approved or b) to the conference theme in general. For a list of accepted panels and workshops 
click here.  

  1. In this case, the abstract is assessed by the panel conveners, who decide whether to accept it or to reject it
  2. In this case, the Joint Planning Committee will assess the abstract and decide whether to accept or reject. The Planning Committee will then set up additional workshop sessions for the presentations

A panel or workshop will consist of three to four thematically related papers, with a chairperson for the session. Each paper should be presented within 10-15 minutes. A panel will last 75-90 minutes, including time for discussion and Q&A (see draft program, at

Submission of abstracts

Abstracts for papers should have a maximum of 250 words. Specify the expected kind of final submission (see earlier – full paper/draft paper/paper idea). Abstracts should be submitted in word or pdf- format and e-mailed to  

Important dates

Notification of acceptance: no later than 15 March 2019.

Deadline for submission of paper: 3 June 2019.


Conference fees and organizers

The conference fees will be announced soon. Check for updates.

Conference organizers:
FAU (the Association of Development Researchers in Denmark), Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS, Copenhagen Business School) with ), Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR), the Norwegian Association of Development Researchers (NFU), and the Swedish Development Studies Network (SDSN).

Further information and contact

If further information or clarification is needed, please contact the FAU secretariat at: (Mr. Jeppe Skjaerslund)






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