Non-regular activities

On these pages you can read about events that FAU participates in on a shifting basis. These are events in FAUs umbrella organization EADI, there you can also read about FAU anniversary which was held in November 2007.


Doctoral seminars

FAU has cooperated with other organizations on the organization of relevant PhD seminars. In November 2006 FAU organized PhD seminar on "Globalisation, Governance and Institutional Development" in cooperation with GEPPA and IDS RUC. The seminar was a great success and we thank our collaborators for the excellent work. 

Career Meetings

FAU did organize career meetings over a period of time. As these activities were taken over by the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN), which have continued to organise these activities.

25 Years

In 2007, FAU had 25 year anniversary. This was celebrated in due manner.

- Anniversary Speeches

- FAUs 25 year anniversary book - Glimpses of an organization in motion

- Article about FAU in the New World 1982

Afternoon seminars

On September 8 2016 FAU held an afternoon seminar on the future role of the Danida Development Research Council (FFU) in the light of the new strategy soon to be adopted by the Danish government.

FAU was very pleased to see the many participants from the Danish development research community showing up for the seminar and the open debate.

Currently FAU is working on gathering the ideas discussed at the meeting for report. This report will be uploaded here when the authors are done with the finishing touch.