Regular activities

Here you can read about FAUs regular activities - the annualseminar/conference, the newsletter FAU-News, and more.


FAU publishes a newsletter, FAU-News, six times a year. The newsletter contains:

- information from the association to members, for example; meeting notice, minutes of general assembly and Chairman's report.
- discussion papers on current issues within Danish and international development research and
miscellaneous information, e.g. announcements of seminars, conferences, etc.

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FAU and Nordic conferences

FAU has arranged an annual seminar or conference since 1990 - the FAU Annual Conference. The FAU seminar is the main activity of the association and is set up by an annual 'Planning Team'. In collaboration with FAUs Board the planning team is  responsible for the preparation and creation of the conference. If you are interested in hearing about the planning, you can contact the secretariat.

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Annual General Meeting of 2018

FAUs Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year in November, and usually the last week of the month. At the AGM, the Chairman's report and the accounts of the Association are presented, as well as the association's activities for the coming year are discussed and the Board of FAU is elected.


FAU invites to Annual General Meeting and Annual General Meeting Seminar of 2018 will take place November 9.