FAU has arranged an annual seminar or conference since 1990 - the FAU Annual Conference. The FAU seminar is the main activity of the association and is set up by an annual 'Planning Team'. In collaboration with FAUs Board the planning team is  responsible for the preparation and creation of the conference. If you are interested in hearing about the planning, you can contact the secretariat.

The purpose of the FAU conference is to bring together Danish development researchers and others who are interested in development to present and discuss current trends in Danish and international development research and thus shed new light on important current trends. At the same time, the overall objective of the conference is to strengthen the interdisciplinary research and debate and the institutional contact between the many development environments. The aim is to provide a greater knowledge, inspire better research and promote better communication of research results to all development stakeholders, including the many 'practitioners' who work within the development area. 

The FAU conference followed a particular format for the first 15 years, being a 2 1/2 days conference held at Djursvold, Gjerrild, north of Grenaa in Jutland. The conference had 3 invited keynotes and 3-4 workshops and was an intensive format with 60-70 participants.

Following each conference, FAU has published a conference report (the reports since 1998 can be found here).

New conference form

From 2007 the FAU Board attempted a new form of the FAU conference. In an attempt to involve more researchers and practitioners from the 2007 seminar was held as a 2-day session, which took place at CBS in Frederiksberg. The format resembled a typical conference, and was charged with getting it published output as the conference opens out in.

After several years with 2-day seminars in Copenhagen, the 2010 seminar was organized with great success over 3 days at Danhostel Gjerrild. It was a return to the format of 15 years of previous conferences until 2007. The FAU conference 2011 was organized in cooperation with the Association's Nordic sister organizations (see below).

The plan is that FAU now alternates between joint Nordic conferences, and conferences in Gjerrild and Copenhagen

Nordic collaboration

In 2011, FAU started organising the conference in collaboration with other Nordic Development Research Associations and organisations. The first joint conference was held in Copenhagen under the theme "The Furture of Development Research: Exploring the Nordic Perspective".   

In 2013 the 2nd Joint Nordic conference was held in Helsinki 14-15 November. The theme was 'Knowing development – Developing Knowledge?' and attracted researchers and practitioners from all around the world. 

2015 is the year we are anticipating the third joint Nordic conference. This time hosted by the Swedes an in particular Global Studies at University of Gothenburg. Please follow this link for further information.