NEW VENUE: UN City, Marmorvej 51, 2100 København Ø


The venue: The UN City

The conference on Development Paradoxes – the difficulties of marrying growth with local economic development and poverty reduction will be held at the UN City Copenhagen, which is located on Marmorvej 51 - 2100 Copenhagen Ø. For more information on the venue, please look here.

Notes for visitors

Internet/computer facilities

Internet is available on the ground floor of the UN City for the use of visitors. Detailed instructions are announced there.

Coat stands/wardrobe

Unattended coat stands are available in the Conference area. Suitcases may be stored safely in this area too. Please contact the reception staff on this issue.

Conference rooms

All rooms are placed on the ground floors of the building. Smoking is not allowed on the UN City island. The programme is announced on screens in the conference area.



Copenhagen has a well-developed public transport system, allowing for effective transit between airport and hotel, as well as hotels and the UN City. If you wish to plan your own travels in Copenhagen by public transport, it can be done via the flowing link: Journey Planner

Visit the Copenhagen airport web site: CPH.

From Copenhagen International Airport

By taxi:

Hotel Wakeup Copenhagen is located approximately 10 kilometres from the airport. The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel takes about 15-20 minutes and costs between DKK 170 to 200/USD 32 to 37.

The UN City is located approximately 19 kilometres from the airport. The taxi ride from the airport to the UN City takes about 30-40 minutes and costs between DKK 310 to 325/USD 55-60.

Taxis are available just outside terminals 2 and 3 at Copenhagen Airport.

The central phone number for Copenhagen taxis is (+45) 4848 4848.

On your departure from the UN City, the receptionist will call a taxi on your request.

By train:

You may choose the regional train or the metro:

Regional train:

The train station is located in terminal 3. The ticket office is located in terminal 3 above the railway. Automatic ticket machines are also available at the airport. Take the train (destination: Helsingør (Elsinore) and disembark at Nørreport station. The train leaves every 20 minutes, and it takes 20-25 minutes.

To get to the hotel you can take a 5-10 min walk, the Metro (see below) or bus 350S, direction Sundbyvester Plads, and get off at Kronprinsessegade.

To get to the UN City you need to take one of the following S-trains and get off at Nordhavn station:

⋅ the A-line (direction: Farum),

⋅ the B-line (direction: Holte) or

⋅ the C-line (direction: Klampenborg)

⋅ the E-line (direction: Hillerød) or

⋅ the H-line (direction: Farum)

Travel time from the airport to Nordhavn station is approximately 40-50 minutes. From Nordhavn there is a          

13-15 min walk to the UN City.

Travel information for trains can be found on this link: DSB. Tickets can be ordered electronically, find information how to  here, & order  here.


The metro station is located at the end of terminal 3 and is covered by the roof of the terminal. From the airport the metro M2 (direction: Vanløse) is in operation throughout the day and night and departs from the airport with 2–6 minutes intervals. Travellers to Hotel Wakeup Copenhagen should disembark at Kongens Nytorv (King's New Square) and the hotel will be within a five-minute walk (see map above). Travellers going directly to the UN City should disembark at Nørreport station. By arrival to Nørreport follow the instructions above.

From the city centre

By taxi:

The distance from the centre of Copenhagen to UN City is about 5 km. You should expect to pay around

DKK 135/USD 25.

By bus:

From the King's New Square bus number 26 goes directly to the UN City with direction towards Færgehavn Nord (UNICEF). The bus departures with 10 minutes frequency near the Metro station at King’s New Square, a five-minute walk from hotel Wakeup Copenhagen (see the map above).

Participants returning from the UN City by bus 26 will have to take the bus from another bus stop, located at the end of Marmorvej on the other side of the crossing road, a five-minute walk from the UN City.

By train:

The UN City building is located close to Nordhavn Station. The trains are called S-trains and are identified by a big red and white S sign outside the station and on the platform. The following S-trains run between Nørreport and Nordhavn: lines A, B, C, E and H. These trains depart with 2-5 minute frequency. From Nordhavn there is a 13-15 min walk to the UN City.

From the central station travellers should take one of the following S-trains and disembark at Nordhavn station:

⋅ the A-line (direction: Farum),

⋅ the B-line (direction: Holte),

⋅ the C-line (direction: Klampenborg),

⋅ the E-line (direction: Hillerød) or

⋅ the H-line (direction: Farum)

Travel time from Nørreport to Nordhavn Station is approximately 5-7 minutes.

How to get from Nordhavn station to the UN City by foot

Upon exiting Nordhavn station, turn right down Østbanegade. At the end of Østbanegade, you turn right on Århusgade and cross under the railway lines. Continue on approx. 100 metres (after crossing Kalkbrænderihavnsgade, the road will become a path) and turn right, down Sandkaj.

Hereafter you continue to the end of the street (approx. 450 metres) and turn left at Marmorvej. Here you continue down Marmorvej 400 metres, until you reach the main entrance to the UN City on your left at 51 Marmorvej.