Foreningen af Udviklingsforskere i Danmark

The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark


The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU) is a voluntary, membership-based organisation. The Association has existed since 1982 with the objectives to promote interdisciplinary research and dissemination hereof among academics, practitioners and students.


Besides supporting the Danish development community, membership in the organization provides you with frequent information from FAU through the FAU-Newsletter and a discount on the participants fee at FAUs own and the Nordic conferences.Ordinary Membership: DKK 300 per year
Students / Unemployed: DKK 100 per year
Family Membership: DKK 400 per year
Organizations: DKK 750 per year
Please note that we have a special offer combined FAU membership and subscription to the Forum for Development Studies (FDS). FAU wants to strengthen the FDS as a joint Nordic journal of development research. The association has partnered with FDS / Routledge, offering FAUs members a subscription to the FDS for 225 kr a year*.*FDS is sent directly from Routledge. It is therefore very important that the name and address are correct and adequate (ex. Att. "Name" at the Institute addresses, etc..).Further inquires can be made by email to the FAU mail box: fau.msc@cbs.dk