Panel 10










FAU Foreningen af Udviklingsforskere i Danmark 
The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark

Panel 10 - Open, with a set session 


Annette Skovsted Hansen ( Aarhus University 

George Acheampong - University of Ghana

Jonas Aryee - Regional Maritime University 

Casper Andersen - Aarhus University

Title & Content:

Capacity Development as Knowledge Production for Efficiency, Safety, and Digitalization at Tema Port, Ghana 

This panel focuses on implicit and explicit alliances between public and private entities in shaping capacity development (CD) programs to share and develop new knowledge needed for a constantly changing port service economy. It addresses these issues based on indepth empirical studies at Tema Port, the subject of the ongoing research project Port Efficiency and Public Private Capacity (PEPEP). The panel presents the initial findings and research methodologies employed to. Critically, investigate the aims, effects, and politics of CD with specific focus on continuities and ruptures in conditions for CD when moving from aid-to-trade. Three empirically and theoretically connected papers will: apply stakeholder theory to observations, media coverage, and interviews in order to understand and discuss concrete practices, policies, and knowledge at work at the Port of Tema.






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