Panel 11

Panel 11 - Open, with a set session


Hanna Post-Ahokas (, University of Jyväskyla, Finland,

Yonas Asfaha - Asmara College of Education; Eritrea 

Ernest Oneill - Finn Church Aid, Eritrea 

Title & Content:

Building research partnerships for quality and equity in Eritrean education 

In recent years, Eritrean institutions of higher education have strengthened their international partnerships through institutional capacity building projects, Master’s and doctoral training agreements and research collaboration. The working group invites presentations on research conducted within these partnerships to discuss the potential role of research in supporting achievement of development targets related to education and sustainable social development. Research on the practice of international development cooperation is presented to create basis for discussion on how partnerships should be developed for enhanced relevance and sustainability.

The working group invites academics and development practitioners to share their experience of research collaboration in and on Eritrea. Papers submitted to the working group should have a link to quality education in the Eritrean context. Research on themes of gender, equity and social change are encouraged. Multi‐stakeholder partnerships and partnerships between multiple countries/institutions are of particular interest. Papers discussing academic collaboration and international development cooperation are welcome.