Panel 12

Panel 12 - Open 


June Fylkesnes - University of Agder, Norway

Hanne Haaland - University of Agder, Norway

Hege Wallevik - University of Agder, Norway

Arnhild Leer-Helgesen ( ), University of Agder, Norway

Title & Content: 

Challenging actors in international development

The dynamics of international development have always been marked by different actors fighting to control and define the field of “development” and dominate strategic thinking and financial flows. Yet, international development practices are heterogeneous, with a diversity of actors presenting “alternatives” and resistances to mainstream discourses.  This panel will cater for discussions about the post-millennial challenging actors; how they challenge the established systems and discourses of development and how their critiques form development “alternatives”.  Social movements around the world have attempted to situate their vision of the world at a local level by seeking the “power of the people”.  “Alternatives”, challenges and changes in development discourses and practices are emanating both from people and groups in the global North as well as in the global South. This panel will focus on the interconnections between the global and the local.  Citizen initiatives within humanitarian aid and development are challenging established NGO systems and may lead to increased power to individuals and smaller groups. Religious actors are being recognised as important development partners but also use their powers to influence key goals, such as gender equality and reproductive rights. This panel will serve as a space for discussions about power and resistance dynamics in development; about challenging development as well as challenges in development.  Papers with in these areas are welcome.