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Neil Webster ( - DIIS

Adam Moe Fejerskov - DIIS

Mikkel Funder - DIIS


Title & Content:

Agency in a changing world of development

This panel presents theoretical and empirical explorations of how we should understand the role of institutions in governing development today. It draws on current research at the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS), where a number of projects address institutions and institutional change from  different angles and at different levels of scale. The set of papers to be presented in the panel will be drawn from ongoing DIIS work on climate change, climate mobility, the SDGs, private investors in agrarian production, local governance, and renewable energy.

Adaptation’s Agency Issue: Questioning the Role of the Individual in Climate Change Adaptation
                             Lily Lindegaard, Danish Institute for International Studies


Agency and gender: Constraints and opportunities in Danish development cooperation

                             Lars Engberg-Pedersen, Danish Institute for International Studies


Dreams and motivations: Insights from an exploration among Danish agricultural investors in sub-Saharan Africa

                             Helle Munk Ravnborg, Danish Institute for International Studies

                             Rikke Brandt Broegaard, Copenhagen University


Women emancipation and changes in men’s view on women: individual and collective agency in Kenyan Farmer Field Schools

                             Esbern Friis Hansen, Danish Institute for International Studies


Agents of Silicon Valley? The roles of tech-firms in development cooperation

                             Adam Fejerskov, Danish Institute for International Studies