Panel 3

Panel 3 - Open, with a set session


Hanne Kirstine Adriansen - DPU, Aarhus University 

Lene Møller Madsen - University of Copenhagen 

Title & Content:
Contributions from research capacity building and research partnerships 

in and with the South & Future perspectives?

Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) has initiated a study (titled: a retrospective study of the outcome of three
decades of Danida support to development research and research capacity building), conducted by Lene
Møller Madsen, University of Copenhagen and Hanne Kirstine Adriansen, Aarhus University focusing on the
outcomes of three decades of support to research partnerships between Northern/Danish scholars and
African colleagues.

The overall objective of this investigation is to collect and analyse information about the experienced
outcome of participating in Danida funding of research in Africa. The focus is at an individual level with the
purpose of understanding how capacity building has influenced individuals’ knowledge production and
wider life choices.

Based on life history interviews with 15 researchers, a workshop with 45 fellows from Danida Fellowship
Centre, and the results of a survey sent to 500 participants, the presentation will focus four themes: The
cultural production of an academic; materiality and mobility in capacity building; long term carrier and the
role of being in Denmark; and prospects for future capacity building projects.

Similar studies have been undertaken in other countries, which should provide an interesting and fruitful
basis for discussion.