Special Issue of Forum for Development Studies

Special Issue of Forum for Development Studies

Call for Papers: Forum for Development Studies (FDS) – Special Issue

Theme: Knowledge Production in North-South Collaboration: Challenges in an Era of New Global Divides

FDS & The Guest Editors encourage contributions related to the theme of the 5th Joint Nordic Development Research Conference, 27-28 June 2019, CBS, Copenhagen, Denmark (see www.fau.dk):

Asymmetric local and global power relations are on the rise. These include deepening divides between key North and South actors, new divides between North and North states, and new constellations of cooperation between South and South countries. Politically, academically, and socially, many Northern governments have returned to a more narrow minded, self-oriented development path. Despite the proliferation of official rhetoric such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Declaration on climate change, the spirit and practice of solidarity on major global challenges is showing increased strains. Restrictions on academic movement, continued prioritization of North-centred issues and lack of interest in addressing key social and environmental challenges in, for and by the South are just a few worrying trends. Divides and imbalances are not only observable between countries and regions, but re-emerging within societies as well. Elite projects and exclusivist populism are a global phenomenon and affect the well-being of people everywhere.

The 5th Joint Nordic Conference on Development Research aspires to address these trends and challenges. The Conference organizers and the Guest Editors welcome contributions to this special issue that analyze and challenge global divides in the thematic areas of knowledge production; institutions of global governance; distribution of resources and wealth but also of risks; migration and climate change policies; or the formulation and implementation of the SDGs, to name but a few.

Contributions can be emailed to the Guest Editors (see contact details below) prior to the conference and after, but no later than 3rd July 2019. The Guest Editors will select among submitted contributions based on the draft papers’ quality and scope, and notify the selected authors shortly thereafter.

The guest editors will prioritize coherence among the contributions to ensure that the special issue of Forum for Development Studies speaks to the overall conference theme. The guest editors will provide a first, initial set of feedback to accepted manuscripts to enhance coherence of the special issue, after which the manuscripts will go through an ordinary, double-blind peer review process the volume.

Final articles should be about 8–10000 words and follow the journal style guidelines found here https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/sfds20 

Best regards,

The Guest Editors

Soeren Jeppesen                                                                                                                    Jason Miklian                              

Associate Professor                                                                                                                Post-doctoral Fellow

Center for Business & Development Studies (CBDS)                                                            Center for Development and the Environment

Department of Management, Society and Communication (SUM)                                         University of Oslo 

Copenhagen Business School                                                                                                Jason.miklian@sum.uio.no